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There are currently 5 workgroups: "Susceptibility Testing", "Surveillance", "Isolation Precautions", "Education", and "Website".

Workgroup 1: Susceptibility testing

Current WG1 members are Paul Naaber (EST), Marika Jurna (EST), Marina Ivanova (EST), Rutta Voiko (EST), Arta Balode (LAT), Dace Rudzite (LAT), Linda Bagrade (LAT), Jolanta Miciuleviciene (LIT), Gintaras Makstutis (LIT), Anzhelika Versinina (LIT), Marina Smirnova (RUS), Artemiy Goncharow (RUS), Elena Kolosovskaia (RUS), Elena Sousova (RUS), Tatiana Suborova (RUS), Barbro Olsson-Liljequist (SWE).

The overall aim of the WG1 is appropriate use of antibiotics through selective testing and reporting. WG1 members have developed a questionnaire (special thanks to Marika Jurna-Ellam and her colleagues from Estonia) which is intended to be used for a survey of the current situation with susceptibility testing. The questionnaire may be downloaded here. If you wish to participate in the study, please register on the Forum and leave a message. Anna Lubimova has translated the questionnaire into Russian: those who can't use the English version may download the Russian version here.

Workgroup 2: Surveillance

Current WG2 members are Piret Mitt (EST), Kristel Pero (EST), Valentina Borodina (EST), Elina Pujate (LAT), Jolanta Griskeviciene (LIT), Ausra Simanauskaite (LIT), Greta Gailiene (LIT), Lidia Alekseeva (RUS), Sergey Eremin (RUS), Anna Lubimova (RUS), Tatyana Suborova (RUS), Aleksandr Kuzin (RUS). The group is working on a surveillance of bloodstream infections project. All draft documents may be downloaded from the Forum, where you can join the discussion on the study protocol.

Workgroup 3: Isolation Precautions
Current WG3 members are Kristel Pero (EST), Evita Kvista (LAT), Jolanta Asembergiene (LIT), Greta Gailiene (LIT), Ausra Ausra Macijauskiene (LIT), Ausra Simanauskaite (LIT), Rolanda Valinteliene (LIT), Sergey Eremin (RUS), Maria Molchanovskaia (RUS), Anna Lubimova (RUS), Anna Hambraeus (SWE).

The overall aim of the WG3 is development of guidelines for isolation precautions. The current objectives are: 1) to explore existing national and international guidelines and 2) to produce a template for evidence based guidelines (examples of models would be guidelines for MRSA and hand hygiene). More information on the Forum...

Workgroup 4: Education
Workgroup 5: Website

Current WG5 members are: Sergey Eremin (RUS), Batyr Aslanov (RUS), and Uga Dumpis (LAT).

The overall aim of the WG5 is development and maintenance of the BALTICCARE website and electronic Forum. If you have any suggestions or something to contribute, please register on the Forum and leave a message.

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